A beginner’s guide to construction engineering management

A beginner’s guide to construction engineering management

Construction engineering management is among the five types of civil engineering projects involving the application of technical and scientific understanding of infrastructure construction developments.  It deals with the creation of roads, railways, bridges, and buildings.

The primary focus of engineering is the design, while construction engineering management is in charge of the supervising of the actual project.  The latter often stands for both engineering and construction management, acting as the bridge for the design and the project execution.  The goal of construction engineering is to develop projects in the most efficient, effective, sustainable, safe, and environmentally friendly manner.  Reddy Kancharla mentions that asset management comes after construction.  Construction engineers define the maintenance, operation, and renovation concerning the lifespan of the structure.

A construction engineering manager plays a major role in the completion of a project.  They may specialize in a commercial or housing construction, HVAC or mechanical, electrical system design, and highway, or heavy construction.  Construction engineer managers must have technical and leadership skills to facilitate successful projects.  They need to carry the knowledge to direct estimation and plan associated costs for developments.

Reddy Kancharla notes that construction engineering managers work in central offices but often visit job sites to see to it that proper standards in construction projects are being enforced and maintained.  Construction engineering managers are requested to visit development sites to survey the location, focusing on environmental issues, local laws, and codes that must be complied with.


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