What the future of peak engineering and construction may look like

What the future of peak engineering and construction may look like

One of the most fascinating conversations Reddy Kancharla has with his friends revolve around possibilities for construction and engineering.  They love to paint pictures of what man can truly achieve with future technology and his unlimited imagination.


On that note, Reddy Kancharla will attempt to travel in time and look at what the future of peak engineering and construction looks like, with solid examples.


Reddy Kancharla first travels to the Middle East to check out the World Islands of Dubai, or simply the World.  This construction of this outrageous megaproject has been on and off throughout the past two decades.  The plan is to create 300 small islands in shapes that resemble the countries of the world.  From a bird’s eye view, the World Islands of Dubai looks like a world map.


Towards the east, the Japan-Korea Undersea Tunnel is still awaiting construction.  It is understandable that this 79-mile tunnel that stretches from Karatsu, Japan all the way to Busan, South Korea is a mammoth undertaking that will far surpass most, if not all of the world’s undersea tunnels.


Staying in Japan, Reddy Kancharla talks about the proposed Shimizu Megacity Pyramid, which will be constructed along Tokyo Bay.  The Megacity Pyramid holds dozens of smaller pyramids and stands a whopping 14 times taller the Pyramids of Giza.  It will house residential units as well as commercial spaces such as offices and stores.


Reddy Kancharla has more than 25 years of experience in projects involving civil construction, geotechnical consultation, and construction QA/QC, including 10 years of senior management experience.  For similar reads, visit this page.