Analysis and design of shallow and deep foundations

Analysis and design of shallow and deep foundations

Reddy Kancharla mentions that the foundation of a structure is undoubtedly one of its most important parts. Foundations make sure that the total load of the structure is transferred onto the soil in the correct way to provide stability to the structure.

There are two foundations – shallow and deep. Reddy Kancharla provides a comparison between the two based on several factors.

Shallow foundations are placed near the surface of the earth, at more or less three meters. Deep foundations go deeper than three meters, to deep strata. They also cost a lot more than shallow foundations and are more complex in terms of construction.

Shallow foundations use end bearings to transfer load, whereas deep foundations have end bearings and skin friction. There are times, however, when deep foundations also use end bearing piles.

Materials for shallow foundations are easier to find, and less manpower is required. However, there exist possibilities of settlements, weakness against lateral loads, especially for heavier structures.

Deep foundations provide more lateral support, especially for heavier structures, but they require more people and time to complete.

As for type, Reddy Kancharla mentions that shallow foundations can either be isolated, strip, mat, or combined foundations. Some of the deep foundations include pier, pile, and caisson foundations.

Reddy Kancharla is equipped with a comprehensive knowledge on engineering theories, principles, and practical solutions of engineering problems in civil engineering and the construction industry. For more insightful reads on construction and engineering, visit this page .

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