Understanding structural repair and maintenance

Understanding structural repair and maintenance

Structural repair and maintenance are complex aspects of construction, says Reddy Kancharla, and engineers spend many years studying it. In this blog, Reddy Kancharla provides an overview of structural repair and maintenance.

The process of structural repair is based on an evaluation of a structure conducted by professionals. Once a structure needs repair, it has to be done almost immediately for the safety of the people who frequent the place. Plans have to be drawn up based on information such as the use of the building, its loads, what materials have been used, and the form and feasibility of repair work. And nobody should handle the task, save for a structural engineer, who will then work together with a contractor.

For repair techniques, there are various methods at a structural engineer’s disposal based on the type of repair that has to be done. A perfect example of this would be the use of stainless-steel ties that can be installed into walls to resolved cavity wall tie corrosion.

Another major problem structural engineers commonly encounter is the cracking of walls and floors due to the movement of the ground. The foundations or ground movement can be caused by several things such as trees’ root growth, decay, poor workmanship, lack of maintenance, vibration, or even a salt attack.

Reddy Kancharla mentions repair methods that include injecting materials into the ground, crack stitching, pinning, piling, creating lateral restraint systems, and using steel-reinforced cement anchors.

Reddy Kancharla is equipped with a comprehensive knowledge on engineering theories, principles, and practical solutions of engineering problems in civil engineering and the construction industry. For similar updates, follow this page.

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