Construction Quality Assurance & Troubleshooting

Over 30 years of experience in civil construction, troubleshooting & corrective action planning, and construction QA/QC projects.

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Stay up-to-date on topics highlighting differences between quality assurance and quality control in construction, what construction engineering, causes and prevention of structural failures and many more. 

A beginner’s guide to construction engineering management

Construction engineering management is among the five types of civil engineering projects involving the application of technical and scientific understanding of infrastructure construction developments.  It deals with the creation of[…]

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All you need to know about hiring the best construction workers

In the current state of the market, hiring good construction workers can be a tough challenge.  Finding great employees requires a targeted strategy.  Reddy Kancharla shares his knowledge and best[…]

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The road to becoming a geotechnical engineer

A geotechnical engineer like Reddy Kancharla analyzes, plans, and constructs foundations and support edifices.  Professionals in their field, they use engineering fundamentals and routines to make sure a structure can[…]

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