Reddy Kancharla Biography

Reddy Kancharla finished his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at Osmania University in Hyderbad, India. After graduating, he immediately enrolled in Texas Tech University’s Masters of Science program in Civil Engineering which he completed in 1987. Shortly thereafter, he earned his certification in Quality Documentation (ISO 9000) and as Quality System Auditor (ISO 9000) at Bureau Vertias, Dubai, UAE in 1994.

Reddy Kancharla first worked as a construction engineer for Vivek Builders in India wherein he was tasked with the structural design of residential and commercial buildings. He then became a research assistant at his alma mater, Texas Tech University, where he taught construction materials and testing produces to around 50 to 100 civil engineering undergraduate students per semester.

After two years of teaching, Reddy Kancharla returned to the field, working as senior engineer and laboratory director of Haller Engineering Associates and Testing Laboratories in New Jersey. As senior engineer, he was responsible for overseeing structural design, structural failures, construction discrepancies, foundation investigations, and design of projects. He was also involved with corrective action planning of various building and roadway construction projects in the metropolitan New York area.

With his management and leadership potential, Reddy Kancharla was soon recruited to work as project manager for Dames & Moore in New Jersey. Some of the projects he was involved with include the US Coast Guard Facility in Staten Island, and geotechnical investigations for the US Corps of Engineers and Chevron Corporation. After half a decade, he became Chief Engineer and a top executive in a major construction QA/QC firm in the NYC metro area.

It was during this time working in the construction industry that Reddy Kancharla was able to work on numerous major projects in the metropolitan New York area, heading projects like the Goldman Sachs, 7 WTC, Reuters, and Bloomberg high-rise buildings in NYC and the USTA National Tennis Center, Yankee Stadium, Giants/Jets Stadium. Only three years in working as Vice President, he was promoted to President of the firm, where he was responsible for the entire operations of the company, including marketing and business development.