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Civil Engineering: Shallow and Deep Foundations

Civil Engineering: Understanding shallow and deep foundations It takes a lot to put up any structure that is classified under civil works, as far as Reddy Kancharla is concerned. Unbeknownst to many, there are loads of detailed work involved in a construction project. This challenges the notion that civil engineering is all a mere bunch…
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The Job of a Geotechnical Engineer

Explaining the job of a geotechnical engineer Engineering itself is a very broad topic, with the different fields that make up the expertise. Civil engineering alone is already broad enough, as a civil engineer’s career can branch out into specialties. One of these is a geotechnical engineering, which Reddy Kancharla wishes to discuss in this…
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The road to becoming a geotechnical engineer

A geotechnical engineer like Reddy Kancharla analyzes, plans, and constructs foundations and support edifices.  Professionals in their field, they use engineering fundamentals and routines to make sure a structure can withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes and mudslides.  Their usual job requires them to work in a central office and hold job site visits when…
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