Reddy Kancharla Blog

Reddy Kancharla Blog

Welcome to the blog page of construction engineer Reddy Kancharla.

This page will contain his thought pieces on civil engineering and the construction industry in general. From design and construction, to quality assurance and systems development, Reddy Kancharla will be sharing his extensive knowledge about engineering theories, principles, and best practices for the benefit of colleagues and aspiring engineers alike.

Reddy Kancharla’s professional career, which spans over twenty-five years now, involves work on commercial and residential buildings, bridge and roadway structures, earth retaining structures, and shallow and deep foundations. As a senior manager, he has a deep well of experience in construction supervision, contract administration, budgeting, scheduling and planning of construction activities, and other management functions. With that said, this blog will also be a repository of valuable advice on how engineers can develop their business and leadership know-how so they can take their careers to the next level.

Additionally, some of the topics that Reddy Kancharla hopes to tackle in this blog are his experiences in geotechnical engineering, design of shallow and deep foundations for various types of structures, as well as structural failures and their remedial designs. He may also talk about construction discrepancies he has run into in the past and his process for corrective action planning. This blog is one way for him to help young engineers grow into well-rounded professionals, so they may be able to take on additional responsibilities outside of their traditional technical expertise.

If you have any questions for Reddy Kancharla about the civil engineering and construction industry, or if you would like to request he elaborate on a specific topic that is related to his professional and managerial experience thus far, please do not hesitate to touch base through this blog. You may follow this page for more updates about Reddy Kancharla and how to enlist his engineering consultation services.