What does a geotechnical engineer do?

What does a geotechnical engineer do?

Reddy Kancharla notes that that civil engineers who choose to specialize in geotechnical engineering have a much more important job than what most people perceive. Geotechnical engineers study what’s beneath the ground and evaluate the possible impacts any geological formations have on construction projects. They use the scientific and mathematical principles of engineering and investigate underground formations beneath and around all sorts of buildings and structures.

On a more specific note, geotechnical engineers are hired for specialized tasks such as well drilling, storage and production facility construction, petroleum transportation, and underground water flow analysis.

Reddy Kancharla notes that the life of geotechnical engineers can be quite the adventure, as many of them have been tapped for marine operations and projects in the Arctic that involve ice platforms. Geotechnical engineers are also key figures in mining operations all over the world.

Geotechnical engineers are incredibly crucial to construction projects as they make sure the ground is safe and sound for a load-bearing structure. Not having a geotechnical engineer perform a site investigation can have catastrophic consequences in the future.

Essentially, geotechnical engineers make sure that the earth can allow the development of projects of all shapes and sizes. However, projects where geotechnical engineers truly shine include bridges, dams, airports, runways, and towers, Reddy Kancharla adds.

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