Causes and prevention of structural failures

Causes and prevention of structural failures

Structural failures are a harsh reality when it comes to construction, according to Reddy Kancharla. Many times, when structures fail, the consequences are tragic.

For this blog, Reddy Kancharla shares some insights on the causes of structural failures and how they can be prevented.

Building collapse: There are numerous causes why buildings collapse. The lack of stability, the inadequate number of rods used for columns, and the faulty construction of important aspects such as beams and walls can all contribute to the collapse of a building.

Reddy Kancharla notes that this can be prevented by adhering to construction requirements to provide stability as well as structurally connecting any parts to main structures.

Footbridge collapse: Footbridges, often comprised of trusses and cross girders and RCC slabs, can also fall apart, especially when the structure supports a considerable load. Defective welding can lead to a lack of stability and ultimately, structural failure.

Structural steel fabrication is important to ensure a reliable and safe footbridge.

Residential building collapse: One of the most tragic occurrences in construction is the collapse of a residential structure. There are times when residential buildings are built on incredibly unsteady foundations, which generally result in structural collapse.

Reddy Kancharla believes that engineers and contractors need to spend a lot of time planning out the foundation of residential buildings to prevent structural failure.

Reddy Kancharla has more than 25 years of experience in projects involving civil construction, geotechnical consultation, and construction QA/QC, including 10 years of senior management experience. For similar reads, visit this page.

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