What is construction engineering?

What is construction engineering?

The study of construction engineering is a well-rounded course for engineers. Often, it is referred to as construction engineering and management or CEM. This course is a culmination of several other engineering-related subjects such as mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, building information modeling, management, and other minor electives relevant to the field. Reddy Kancharla notes that CEM is basically the study of designing, planning, construction, and management of facilities such as roads, buildings, and other structures. The study of construction engineering and management is a holistic approach to engineering.

One might wonder the difference between a construction engineer and a civil engineer. While one could think that they’re the same, the truth is far from it. Civil engineers usually deal with more practical aspects of construction projects like design, planning, and analysis ahead of the construction itself. As for construction engineers, they have a hands-on approach to construction projects.

The importance of on-site management by construction engineers is much needed in the construction world, where small stoppages and sudden changes happen way too often. Construction engineers also help oversee the workforce and make sure that everyone is abiding by safety regulations and other federally mandated requirements for construction projects.

As for career paths, a construction engineer can enter a multitude of fields. Reddy Kancharla notes that construction engineers can get work in various fields, including private or general contractors, renewable energy, oil and gas industry, aviation industry, and historic restoration. Some may even find work in law firms given additional education.

Reddy Kancharla is equipped with a comprehensive knowledge on engineering theories, principles, and practical solutions of engineering problems in civil engineering and the construction industry. For more insightful reads on construction and engineering, visit this page.

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